8th basic and clinical neuroscience congress

8th basic and clinical neuroscience congress

8th basic and clinical neuroscience congress

8th basic and clinical neuroscience congress

8th basic and clinical neuroscience congress In date ۲۷ آذر ۱۳۹۸ untill ۲۹ آذر ۱۳۹۸ by دانشگاه علوم پزشكي و خدمات بهداشتي درماني ايران and انجمن علوم اعصاب ایران ، انجمن علمی روانپزشکان ایران in city تهران will be held.Since the conference held officially, all of this Conference paper and proceedings will be indexed in the Civilica database and Iranian Consortium of National Content (ICNC) and you can have full confidence.



Social Neuroscience

1. Learning and Memory 2. Working Memory 3. Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) 4. Cognitive Aging 5. Consciousness 6. Attention 7. Neurolinguistics 8. Other

1. Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis 2. Synaptogenesis and Activity-Dependent Development 3. Neuronal Cell Death 4. Evolution of Developmental Mechanisms 5. Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorders) 6. Aging 7. Other

1. Developmental approaches 2. Self perception and regulation 3. Interpersonal processes 4. Game Theory 5. Gamification 6. Other

Emotion, Motivation and Behavior

Special topics

1. Motivation and Emotion 2. Neural Basis of Human Behavior 3. Biological Rhythm and Sleep 4. Stress and the Brain (Stress-modulated Pathways, Stress and Cognition,

Stress Related Disorders) 5. Reward and the Brain 6. Behavioral Pharmacology

Pain and Sensory Systems 1. Tactile, Somatosensation and Pain Syndromes 2. Vision 3. Auditory and Vestibular 4. Chemical Senses: Olfactory and Taste 5. Multisensory Integration 6. Sensory and Sensory Integration Disorders 7. Other

1. Converging Technologies (NBIC: Nano-Biotech-Information-Cognitive), Neuroscience

and Nanotechnology, Neuroscience and Biotechnology, Neural Tissue Engineering 2. Neuro-aesthetics, Art and Creativity 3. Neuroethics 4. Neurolaw 5. Neurophilosophy 6. Public Awareness 7. Neuro-Marketing, Neuro-economics 8. Art & Neuroscience

Epilepsy, Neural Excitability, Synapses, and Glia

Motor Systems and Movement Disorders

Integrative system

1. Neurotransmitters and Signaling Molecules 2. Channels, Receptors, Transporters, 3. Synaptic Transmission and Synaptic Plasticity 4. Gliology (Gliotransmission, Gliogenesis, Neuro-glia Cross Talk) 5. Seizure and Epileptic Disorders 6. Other

1. Posture and Gait 2. Motor Neurons and Muscle 3. Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia 4. Movement Disorders (Parkinson, Huntington's, ALS, Ataxia,

Medication-induced Movement Disorders) 5. Other

1. Neurogenetics 2. Neuroendocrinology 3. Brain Immune System and Brain Tumors 4. Autonomic Regulation 5. Neural Circuits and Connectivity 6. Other

Novel and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Computational Neuroscience


1. Brain Mapping (MRI, fMRI, PET, Brain Mapping, EEG, EMG,

QEEG, FNIRS) 2. Brain Stimulation Methods (ECT, rTMS, TDCS, DBS) 3. Optogenetics 4. Brain Machine Interface and Neuroengineering 5. Drug Discovery and Neuropharmacology 6. Molecular, Biochemical, and Genetic Techniques & Gene . Therapy 7. Other

1. Neuroinformatics 2. Modeling and Simulation 3. Cellular Models 4. Network Models 5. Computational Tools 6. Virtual Reality 7. Other

Neuropsychiatry and Psychology 1. Evidence-Based Psychology 2. Schizophrenia 3. Disorders of Neurobehavior 4. Language Impairment 5. Disorders of Executive Functions 6. Aggression and Defensive Behavior 7. Cognitive Disorders 8 Mood Disorders

9. Anxiety Disorders and PTSD 10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders 11. Eating Disorders 12. Addiction (Drug, Alcohol, Internet

, Food) and Gambling 13. Other

Neural Injuries and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Neurorehabilitation and Regeneration

1. Neurodegenerative Disorders 2. Dementia 3. Traumatic Brain Injury 4. Spinal Cord Injury 5. Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation 6. Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders 7. Demyelinating Disorders 8. Other

1. Psycho-cognitive Rehabilitation 2. Physiotherapy 3. Occupational Therapy 4. Speech and Language Therapy 5. Medication and Stem Cell Therapy 6. Other